If you have an accident or your rental car is stolen you must notify the Rental Provider , and, in the case of theft, the police or other relevant authority, as soon as possible. They will advise you what steps to take next based on the nature of your incident.

If you expect to lodge a claim, you must notify us immediately with your intent to claim by:

    1300 677 180
    0800 700 127
    +61 7 3062 6818
  • Prosura (Australian Financial Services Licence Number 530275) handles and settles claims on behalf of the insurer, Pacific International Insurance Ltd Pty Ltd. In handling claims, Prosura is acting for the insurer, and not as the agent of the insured.

For claims related to damage to or theft of a rental vehicle, you must obtain a receipt from the Rental Provider for all charges you intend to claim reimbursement for. 

If you would like to lodge a claim online, log in to your Self Service Portal.

Go to Self Service Portal

Claims checklist

  • The Nominated Driver’s drivers licence and a certified translation document if the license is not in English.
  • The Rental Vehicle Agreement
  • The accident or damage report
  • Photos of the incident or damage
  • The police report (where applicable)
  • All receipts from the Rental Provider specifying charges for repairs undertaken, excess fees and all other claimed charges
  • All other supporting documentation reasonably requested by our claims officer.
  • A police report or other evidence of theft or damage to Personal Baggage occurring during the Period of Cover
  • An invoice, receipt, or link to a third party website indicating price for each item being claimed
  • Confirmation email for car rental prepayment showing pick up and drop off dates
  • Invoice, receipt or bank statement showing claimed prepayment to car rental company or travel agent
  • Information regarding the emergency , eg, link to government covid website indicating border closure, news article/other third party source, flight cancellation email
  • Copy of email notifying the rental vehicle provider or travel agent of your cancellation
  • Copy of emails and other correspondence indicating actions taken to recover the Prepayment from the rental vehicle provider or travel agent, and that the Prepayment was not refunded.
*eligible policies only — see your PDS.